The X Approach

  • Publicity - Grow and influence desired social media audience from students and parents to the general public
  • Engagement - engage parents, students, and communities with your school news and activities
  • Differentiation - highlight the characteristics of the school such as academic focuses, religion and faith, etc.

The Y Objectives

  • Branding/Re-branding - build and improve the brand and reputation of your school
  • Enrollment - speak and connect to the right student group and achieve better enrollment results
  • Funding - deliver fundraising campaigns, build a stronger voice from the community, and deliver to the board and decision makers

Meet Ava

Ava is our social media genius representing our team as the client point of contact and virtual social media manager. To submit your photos or videos for social media, simply email them to Ava. This way, any personnel in your school can submit content directly to one point of contact for social media, and our team will select, edit, and caption the postings for you.