Serving NYC schools since 1984, we understand your objectives and challenges like no others. Whether to strengthen the reputation, to deliver the visions and advantages, or to transform the perception of your school, we've got the solutions for it.


We take your online identity seriously. Our designers, producers, and strategists are behind every image, every video clip, and every piece of written content to optimize social engagement while ensuring precision and clarity.


Our clients shape the future of our country and we are honored to be part of it. Connecting students, parents, communities, and donors, we build your social media to amplify your voice, empower your brand, and facilitate the changes you long for.

What's the X Factor?

You have probably heard and used social media a lot. Everyone from your students to the celebrities are on them. But why should your school be on them too?

The answer is, your school should NOT just be "on social media". Not merely posting updates on Facebook and Instagram like the kids do themselves.

At DirectPromosX, we understand social media is not just a bulletin board. It represents your online identity and if done right, it becomes the powerful X factor leading to your objective Y. That's why we go above and beyond with our strategy and creativity to make social media the X factor for you.


Say YES to your X factor and make a difference with us today. Plans starting at $99.95/month.